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Fossil-free commercial heavy transport

Our vision is fossil-free commercial heavy transport by 2050, or earlier, in line with the Paris agreement, which is not only possible, but also financially sound from a societal perspective.

It can only be achieved if we work together and it is only when we join forces that we can achieve the speed of change required. Four influential industry players now join forces to achieve fossil-free commercial transport by 2050 or earlier. We welcome all to join us in our efforts.

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Autumn mountain landcape with truck driving over a bridge. Text in Swedish and The Pathways Coalition logo on photo.

Seminar in Almedalen – How can Sweden take a leading role in the transition ...

The Pathways Coalitions hosted a public seminar in Almedalen on the subject “How can Sweden take a leading position in the transition to fossil free...

June 30, 2019
Truck driving on road with golden trees on each side

Fossil-free alternatives for commercial road transportation in Sweden

Commercial transport is expanding rapidly around the globe as a result of rise in trade and diversification of value chains. Flexible and dependable commercial transports...

June 10, 2019
Woman addresses conference crowd

What do we need to do to facilitate transition to fossil-free transport solutions ...

On the Ekotransport conference 2019, The Pathways Coalition hosted a seminar with the title “What do we need to do to facilitate transition to fossilfree...

May 7, 2019

Our founding members

The Pathways Coalition was formed by E.ON, H&M Group, Scania and Siemens to accelerate decarbonisation of heavy transport. The member companies commit to the vision of the Coalition, to the objective to reach zero CO2 latest by year 2050, to contribute with real action in the partnership and to contribute funds in accordance with joint decisions.