Together we have identified four key areas for Sweden to reach the climate target for the transport sector.

Scania, the H&M Group, Ericsson, E.ON and Siemens are collaborating in The Pathways Coalition to make freight transport around the world fossil-free. The common vision is to achieve fossil-free freight transport globally by 2050, which is necessary for the world to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

To achieve the climate targets, efficiency improvements and increased use of biofuels are needed in the short term; electrification and digitization are needed in the longer term. Companies can do a lot, but they also need political support. The Pathways Coalition has gathered recommendations for policy proposals in this document, to enhance dialogue and interaction with politicians, influencers, and other stakeholders who share our vision and goals.

Download the recommendations from The Pathways Coalition.


Seminar in Almedalen

The Pathways coalition invited members of the Swedish parliament to discuss how to reach the climate targets and how businesses and policymakers can lead change....

June 29, 2023
IAA Broadcast 20/9/2022

Broadcast from IAA Transport i Hannover

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September 26, 2022

The Pathways Coalition makes commitment to the Swedish Commission for Electrification

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May 31, 2021